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Commercial Laundry

Ultimate Laundry Detergent Solutions for Commercial Settings

Commercial settings require laundry products that are more concentrated and effective for cleaning rather than laundry detergent for ordinary use. Most fabrics used for commercial settings need to undergo deep cleaning so it’s important to choose the right one. Let’s take a look at several commercial laundry detergent solutions to get effective cleaning.

Heavy-duty detergent

Working as cleaning staff in commercial settings will put you in a situation when you have to face hundreds of pounds of laundry every day. Removing the stains from each fabric individually like what we usually do at home requires a long time. You need to use more effective cleaning supplies to do it. Hotels should provide special laundry detergent that can fights stains fast and well. Heavy-duty detergent becomes one of the common options for this task. Coming in a powdered formula with phosphates, it removes the stubborn stain rapidly and easily. The powdery form also makes it available for white and coloured fabrics. It is considered as alkaline detergent so it works best to eradicate oils and greases.

Low Suds

Another concentrated powdered detergent that is quite well-known to be used for commercial facilities is low suds. It can remove various kinds of tough stains from abundance types of fabrics so that many hotels and motels choose this laundry detergent. Low suds can be used for both white and coloured fabrics because it contains optical brighteners. Compared with other detergents, it comes with the highest percentage of phosphate so it is very powerful to fight dirt. Besides free from chlorine, it is designed for a front load washing machine that is very useful for cleaning efficacy.

Liquid Laundersol

Looking for other great commercial laundry detergent solutions, liquid laundersol serves as an ideal option for all sorts of fabrics. The best thing about it is just this detergent can be used for both hot and cold water washing. Additionally, either white or coloured fabrics can be washed safely with it. It contains phosphates that work well to remove most types of stains. Besides free from chlorine, liquid laundersol also doesn’t use any scent like the majority of detergents.

Oxygen dry bleach

Similar to other great cleaning products, oxygen dry bleach is formulated with phosphates that make it effective to confiscate organic stains like blood and food spills. However, it is less powerful for inorganic stains like ink or oil so make sure to sort the fabrics out before washing with it. Although it has the word “bleach” on its name, it doesn’t come with chlorine so that it is completely safe for coloured fabrics.

Chlorine dry bleach

When it comes to white fabrics, chlorine bleach becomes a great option for commercial laundry detergent solutions. There are many hotels that use white towels and linens to serve the guests and to keep them in their original colors, a proper cleaning solution needs to be used. Compared with the liquid version, this dry bleach can maintain the longevity of the fabric. Besides, it doesn’t contain phosphates which are more environmentally friendly.

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