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Cleaning Solutions to Improve Hospitality in the Hotel

When talking about hospitality, we cannot separate it from cleanliness and comfort. A clean and comfortable room provides an unforgettable experience for guests and motivates them to come back for another stay. Whether you own hotels or other vacation rentals, some of these hospitality cleaning solutions will help to create a good impression for guests.

Create a cleaning system

Hotels have many rooms and floors. Besides, the staffs need to pay attention to the time where the guests check-in and check-out which makes it takes time. By setting up a cleaning system, the cleaning process can be conducted more efficiently. The cleaning system should consider some important factors such as shift schedule, comprehensive cleaning tasks, working checklist, inventory of cleaning materials and equipment as well as software to monitor client bookings.

Get rid of dust from light fixtures

Among many parts, light fixtures perhaps become the ones that require the most regular cleanings. To maintain its function and looks, light fixtures need to be clean minimally once a month. Dust and dirt that are trapped in light bulbs or chandeliers cause a faded look although it dims properly. That’s why good light treatment becomes one of the useful hospitality cleaning solutions. This cleaning process can be done by using a duster and wiping a special solvent with a damp cloth. Applying this cleaning method to light fixtures can give it an extra glow.

Use a top-to-bottom cleaning type

Clean from the ceiling then move downward to other parts. This will avoid you to work twice as the dust might harbor the air again when you do the opposite. After finish cleaning the top upper part, the fallen particles can be disposed of with dirt from other areas that still require cleaning. 

Be careful when working with chemicals

Chemicals are often used to get rid of stubborn dirt or stains that patch to any surfaces. However, when you handle them improperly, they might damage the surface or fabric you want to clean with. Hence, before using them, it is important to solvent according to its formula. Don’t try to mix it on your own to avoid any chemical reactions that can be harmful to the surroundings. If you don’t really know how to do it, just ask for help from experts. They know how to choose or even make a cleaning solution that best suits a particular surface and fabric.

Maintain beds’ cleanliness

A bed becomes a focal point in any hotel’s room so it should receive special hospitality cleaning solutions. Beds need to offer a sophisticated look as it creates an impression on guests. You might use deep cleaning with baking soda to wash the bedding sets and comforters. Get the pillows fluffier before you change the pillowcase. Go for plump beds appearance because it serves a warm and lively atmosphere in a hotel room. Tuck the bed sheet properly since it may improper application may lead to lumpy parts that are unpleasant to see. This can make guests feel comfortable to stay in as well as provide a good place for better sleep.

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