I Chemy Sdn Bhd


Our Services

We covers a wide variety of industry sectors, offering customized cleaning solutions to meet the needs of any

Industrial Facility

Essential for any industrial setting since most of the products used contain hazardous particles

Food & Beverage​

Help customers optimize their hygiene and efficiency of their production processes, bringing growth to essential business goals.


As a leader in innovative hygiene solutions, we ensure that the environment in your facilities are safe, clean and fresh-smelling.

Education Facility

We understands the critical nature of cleaning solutions in the educational industry. We help keep every area of educational facilities clean by creating world-class solutions.

Facilities Management

Our innovative solutions improve our customer’s cleaning operations with smarter processes and integrated solutions that lead to a more cost-efficient and optimal approach.

Commercial Laundry

Specialized hygiene solutions for commercial laundry standards. We assist customers to save costs and improve operational efficiency by helping you to manage your laundry system. Allow your customers to enjoy the effectiveness of your laundry service


Provides unparalleled opportunities for private label branding, while also specializing in custom formulation and contract manufacturing.